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Chief of Morale

We love to solve problems. Remember those kids who spent hours working on brain teasers and Rubik's cubes? The ones who thought (and still think) Mind Trap is the best board game ever? Yep, here we are, all grown up. We have a passion for creating innovative, user-friendly software that tackles problems in science, engineering, bioinformatics, design, IT, or about anywhere.

If you've ever wondered, "How can I stop futzing around with the computer and get stuff done?" you're in the right place. We create software with very little futz, almost no fiddling, and as much awesome as we can pack in. We can make that kind of software for you, too. Just drop us a line.

About SonicBunny Software...

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Who We Are

Smart, creative professionals who love to build delightful software for iPhones, iPads and Mac.
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Contact Us

Tired of banging your head against that software? Need some great tools? Send us a note, or find us online.
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What We Do

Make elegant, practical, easy-to-use software tools for our clients so they can get stuff done.