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UMasketeer is an iOS app to calculate a unix umask from a set of permissions or to see the permissions for a certain umask. Either way, UMasketeer does the math so you don't have to.
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Once in a blue moon, do you find yourself faced with setting a umask? Maybe you need weird permissions for a write-only FTP folder. Maybe you need your developer group to be able to read the files from the nightly build robot. Whatever the reason, its a hassle to work out all the bitwise ANDs, ORs, and NOTs to set your shell's umask.

We've got an app for that. Umasketeer lets you tick off the read, write and execute permissions for user, group and other, translating that to an octal umask right at the top of the screen in big, friendly numbers.

Need to decode a umask you found in a script? Just tap the umask at the top of the screen and you can enter a new one. UMasketeer will show you the corresponding permissions for new files and folders.
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